Lobby Enhancements


The enhancement of the lobby will provide customers and their guests with a new and invigorating entry experience in to Riverside Centre through an extensive interior design program which includes:

  • New contemporary furniture for increased comfort and aesthetics
  • State-of-the-art concierge desk fitted with a digital tenancy directory
  • Improved lighting within the space
This project will be completed January 2016.

Plaza Upgrade

Riverside Plaza

The Plaza upgrade will revitalise the natural surrounding outdoor environment, creating a green retreat for customers and an active urban park for the wider community to create a more enjoyable experience for use from day through to night.

  • Integrated planting and seating
  • Installation of contemporary after-hours lighting
  • Provision of wayfinding signage
This project will be completed mid 2016.

Building Management Control System (BMCS) Replacement

Building Infrastructure & Technology

Through implementing a new Building Management Control System, both customers and tenants will enjoy a more pleasant environment within the building.

  • Improved control and monitoring capabilities of temperature, ventilation, lighting, electrical and fire indicators
  • Reduce the risk of unauthorised access
  • Greater reliability and reporting
  • Faster processing capabilities
This project will be completed 2015-2016.

Lift Modernisation

Building Structure

The lift modernisation project will result in a superior lift service within the tower through the replacement of much of the existing lifts' hardware and software.

  • Introduction of features such as destination control systems, power regeneration and performance monitors
  • Reduction in lift waiting times
  • Increase in lift ride quality
  • Reduction in energy consumption
This project will be completed late 2017.

Riverside Centre Management

If you have any enquiries about the current developments at Riverside Centre please feel free to get in touch with the Management Team directly, who will be happy to be of assistance. 

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