Commitment To Sustainability

Riverside Centre aims to reduce its impact on the environment wherever possible, with a focus on reducing energy usage.

Sustainable Design

The unique triangular floor plates were specifically designed to maximise the natural light on all levels, providing long term cost efficiencies.

Advanced Technology

The building employs a BMCS, sensor and local switching lighting system, allowing enhanced control to reduce energy consumption.

Supporting Business Goals

This commitment to sustainability gives businesses within the building the ideal foundation to reach their own environmental goals.

Waste Management System

Riverside Centre employs and promotes a waste management and recycling system that enhances waste minimisation, encouraging all customers to minimise their waste creation.

4.5 Star - NABERS Energy Rating

Riverside Centre's Green Power assisted 5 Star NABERS Energy rating (4.5 unassisted) demonstrates the building's sustainable design as well as its ongoing commitment to sustainability.
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3.5 Star - NABERS Water Rating

With a 3.5 Star NABERS Water rating, Riverside Centre is dedicated to continually improving the sustainability of the building.
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